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Dating Asian Women: Tips and Insights for Building Relationships

Many men admire Asian beauty, but not only beauty is their virtue. These women are great wives and mothers, so even American men often want to marry an Asian woman. Let’s see why.

Types of women you can meet on mail order brides sites

You can meet a wide variety of Asian women on dating websites. All of them have their own characteristics and you can find an approach to each of them if you trace their behavior. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these types, but do not take them too seriously because each woman is individual.

  • Perfect. On the Asian mail order bride websites there are many ideal women who are just waiting for their prince. Such a girl has beautiful modest photographs, where she is clearly visible, and an elegant description in her profile. She may write to you first, but do not hope that she will be obsessive. She knows her worth, while she is modest enough. But allow yourself first to get to know her better, your views on life must coincide.
  • The Queen. A girl with excessive attention to herself is trying to show that she is in demand. In fact, this is not the place where she should show her leadership. Such a girl did not come here just to fall in love and get married. Although if you break her shackles of fake self-confidence, it may turn out that she is a wonderful wife and mother.
  • Modest. It is difficult to bring such a girl into a conversation, she does not answer about herself. But do not rush to conclude that she is boring. Some people just don’t know how to chat properly, so when you call via video, she can be a very talkative and fun girl.

Let’s not spoil your surprises and leave the rest of the types of girls so that you yourself recognize them. When you have enough communication with different mail order brides, you will come up with names for types and will understand this better than specialists.

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Why Asian Mail Order Bride Is Perfect For Marriage? Post Thumbnail

What are the girls’ views on relationships and family

If you do not take into account the individual characteristics of girls, which are inevitable, we can still say with confidence that there are national characters, when most people in the country have one look at some things. Let’s talk about looking at family and marriage.

Asians are mostly girls from countries with lower economies. In such conditions, quite similar mentalities are formed. Men are put at the head of the family, and a woman becomes the mother of the whole family. This means that women have a family in priority under any conditions.

The goal of such a woman is to get married as soon as possible, give birth to children and devote her whole life to their education. Therefore, on dating websites, you can often find quite a young Asian bride. This is also due to the mentality, after 20 years they are ready to get married.

From childhood, these Asian women are taught to be a good wife and mother: they know how to cook well, love cleaning the house and always take care of their husbands to the smallest detail: you always have an ironed shirt and a fresh lunch on the table. For Asian women, such care is extremely important.

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Facts in International Marriage Figures

According to statistics, couples who have met on the Internet have a happier and longer marriage. And international couples have smarter children if they teach them two languages ​​from birth. So why are people still not looking for their partners on other continents?

  • 47% of online dating ends in marriage.
  • 73% of couples who have met online have been together for longer than 7 years.
  • 3 years is the average number of years for a couple who met on the Internet to get married.

Things you don’t need to do if you meet a girl

When it’s time to get acquainted with a girl, in reality, the main thing is not to spoil everything. Some first dates after chatting end in disappointment, so we recommend that you first call by video, and only then go to another country on a first date.

  1. Do not pretend. On the first date, don’t pretend to be yourself. Even if a girl doesn’t like something in you, give her the opportunity to see it on a first date so that you don’t waste time in vain. But if she communicated with you before by video link, you have nothing to lose, she is already confident enough in you that she agreed to the meeting.
  2. Do not be too persistent. Whatever it is, do not force anything on the Asian girl. Their views on life, their rules, traditions or, God forbid, the engagement ring. Relax, you’re just on a first date.
  3. Do not make crazy surprises. Do not do something crazy if you do not know her relationship to it. Do not play it, do not call to jump with a parachute or go diving, even if you really like it. Add fun to your date, but nothing radical.
  4. Do not go too far with flirting. Don’t even hint at more than kisses. Girls from these countries can be so offended by you that you can lose her forever. Even if you had hinted in the correspondence on this, you should not risk so on your first date.
  5. Do not introduce her to friends and relatives. If she came to you, it might seem like a cool idea to introduce her to close people. Even so, you should not present her as your girlfriend. You have not known each other for long, and who knows how your relationship will turn out.

Relationship difficulties with brides in the distance

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No relationship is simple. Especially if they are at a distance. We found many stories on the Internet about what could go wrong if you met online and tried to build a serious relationship. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

  1. The distance. Distance does not strengthen relationships if it is too long. If you have fallen in love, but you cannot come together for too long to live together, I have bad news for you: your relationship is broken or will be broken in the near future. Most likely, you did not want this enough if you did not find a way to do this.
  2. The language barrier. Sometimes Asian mail order brides does not know English. It becomes a real challenge. At first, you try to use an online translator, but when it comes to serious dates, you have to hire a translator. In the end, she has to learn English and it also takes a lot of time.
  3. Different views of the world. It should be understood that a foreigner has other principles, views on the world, etc. Sometimes you will not understand each other even in simple things. It becomes fun and challenging at the same time. The important thing is how you will manifest yourself in such situations and whether you can compromise.


Be that as it may, marriage to a foreigner will become one of the most fascinating journeys of your life. If you find that one, it will be the most amazing tale that you can tell your grandchildren; how once you are our grandmother on another continent. Good luck searching!